These watches are affordable and will help you take your exercise to a new level. Click to read about the differences.
FAST Diet Products
We have been using these books since the first day in 2006. They are so simple and useful while losing. You learn so much by tracking manually while losing.
If you want to get control of your food, it's very hard to do without a food scale.  This scale is reliable and very easy to use.

This book is small but packed with data to make finding nutritional information incredibly easy.
These bands are fun because they are all different colors and say how much you have lost for every 10 pounds.
These shirts come in orange and blue and although you won't lose more weight by wearing them, they sure are fun.
You'll see the FAST logo shirt at all kinds of events. How much fun would it be to have the one you started in and the one you wear right now?
Do you want to teach your kids something useful about food and exercise? Click to read more.

If you ever need to replace the band and transmitter this is what you need.
If you ever need to replace the strap only, this will do the job.
This device allows you to plug into a USB port in order to download data from your watch to the computer. They are extremely easy to use.